The Red Market Dev Log #6 (A New Release!)

(In case you're interested: while I've decided to only post here when there are actual game updates, I post a fortnightly dev logs on my blog here.)

As promised, and just squeaking in before the end of the year: it's the first major update for The Red Market!

I've finally finished re-building the game from the ground up, and adding a fair bit to it. It should be a lot more stable now (let me know if it's not), with a lot fewer bugs (hubris). I've also added lots of fun new secrets, memories, rumours, etc., and made another pass for editing and game flow, so it should feel just that little bit nicer to play, too.

This update doesn't include significant new content, but from here on out I'm going to be focusing solely on adding  new monsters, storylines, NPCs, and the like. So look out for The Red Market's next new addition: A River-Horror / The Bishop-fish...

"A river-horror - a cursed charm fashioned by superstitious anglers? An aquatic monster, all bone and gristle? A mooncalf shucked by some farmer into the river?

Your curiosity is piqued, at the very least."


Happy New Year to you all, and here's looking forward to new, fun, semi-regular, sometimes-wholly-disgusting aditions to the game in 2019.

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dude i cannot download the early version zip, it isnt clickable. it is plain text 

Sorry, there shouldn't be a zip version available - it's play in browser only. There might be something weird going on in the back end. Let me check...