The Red Market Update #2 - Challeges, Art, and Some General Fixes

Another relatively small update:

  • Introduced 'Challenges' into the game. The size and condition of your expedition party, as well as any relevant equipment or relics, will affect the likelihood of success or failure at difficult tasks.
  • Added a little public domain art from medieval bestiares for the Luminant Heron and the Harbinger Beast. I'd love to add more art, but turns out there aren't any medieval bestiary entries about walking rat golems or fungal monsters.
  • The game now runs in a browser, and should run on mobile.
  • Included debug mode in the general build, so anyone can play around and break the game (note: some ways of breaking the game are more literal than others). Debug mode can be switched on at the main hub, after the tutorial has been completed.
  • Various minor bug fixes, and some editing to improve the flow of text.

The new version can be found here:

I'm currently on holiday so any new updates are probably two or three weeks away.



The Red Market (Prototype) (2018-08-17).zip Play in browser
Aug 17, 2018

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