One Thousand And One Nights is an in-development game about dreams, made as a thank you to my patrons on Patreon. It's entirely text-based, and built in Inkle's Ink.

Each dream is designed to be short, but non-linear and replayable.

My first 20 patrons (at $1 and up) can each submit an idea to be made into a playable vignette in One Thousand And One Nights - this build includes one of those dreams. I'll update the game with new vignettes as I get new patrons.

If you're interested in immortalising one of your dreams for future generations to find - Ozymandias-like-  on why not support me on Patreon? (

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AuthorHaruspex Games
GenreInteractive Fiction


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Chills down my spine!

Thanks - really glad you liked it!